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This page will help you in understanding an energy healing session. 

Different types of energy healing – Reiki, Psychic Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Spiritual and Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, Chakra Clearing and Balancing, Energy Cleansing, Kwan Yin Healing, Sound & Colour Healing etc

Many people will attend a session knowing very little about energy, if anything at all. They may have had previous energy sessions with other practitioners, or may have unrealistic or idealistic expectations. Every practitioner will have variables in how they conduct a session too, which may add to confusion. Quite simply everyone is different. Each practitioner will apply the skills and knowledge in different ways. And the beautiful thing about energy healing is that you can’t do it “wrong”.

This page will help you to understand a little more, so that you are prepared for your session, with Sharon, or any other practitioner.

Firstly let’s dispel a common myth or misconception!

Energy Healing is not magic or a magic pill, even if at times the results can seem quite magical. You will not always “feel” something and you are not always consciously aware of benefits received due to the subtle nature of energy. This DOES NOT mean that nothing has happened even if you have previously felt the energy or been aware of the benefits.

So, let me walk you through a typical energy session with Sharon at The Embassy of Life Wellness Studio in Perth.

So, once you have chosen your preferred session and booked it in, you will receive 3 separate emails:

  1. Confirmation email from the Cliniko/Embassy of Life booking system
  2. Manual email with a form for you to complete and bring along to your session – sent directly from
  3. Reminder email from the Cliniko/Embassy of Life booking system

On the morning of your session, the energy already begins to work with you – you may notice some agitation, emotions arising, anxiety, visceral or other physical responses or simply nothing at all! Most people will not be aware of this, even if they are usually aware of energy. You then attend The Embassy of Life Wellness Studio (on level 1 up the stairs).

At the beginning of the session, Sharon will go through the information form that you have brought along and have a discussion with you about what has brought you into the studio. She will then explain a session which goes like this:

  • What Reiki or any other form of energy healing is
  • Why she works with hands on
  • What the energy may feel like
  • What you may experience after the session
  • What happens with an energy session with guidance and the information received
  • What questions you may have generally
  • What questions you may have for your team or what guidance you would like from them (if you have booked for guidance)

Energy Healing, Reiki, Spiritual Energy Healing and other forms of energy work is a simple, gentle, hands-on energy technique. We are simply working energetically, or at an energetic level. Energy will not cure illnesses or disease, but it may help to access and repair the mind/body connection thus placing the physical body in the best possible position to potentially repair and heal itself.

Sharon always works with hands on, except in the case of a distance healing session or at the express request of the client. She will explain why she works this way (you will need to attend an energy healing session to find out why) and ensure you have signed the physical touch consent on your form.

Next, what the energy can feel like is explained and how you may feel following the session. Healing energy will come through as and when needed and you may not detect it coming through at all.

Healing Energy can be experienced as or feel like:

  • warm, hot, cool or cold
  • a crackling sensation that may be warm to hot or very strong heat
  • a cool softer energy
  • heavy or light
  • very cold, freezing, like an iceberg and can make you shiver
  • tingling
  • the table rocking or floating
  • air flowing around your face, head or body
  • nothing at all (for many reasons and may also be because you are usually covered with a blanket)

You are not required to be in any particular state or any state of relaxation. Healing energy can be applied with you in any physical position or condition and in any state of mind. We are not in a sound proof environment and thus noise may be heard inside or outside the room or building. Noise does not impact the energy, its flow, application or receival.

IMPORTANT NOTE: your lack of perceiving or feeling the energy is in no way an indication of you not receiving the energy or the energy not affecting you. Energy can be powerful or subtle and the results or experience can also be powerful or subtle. Whether you feel it or not, you are receiving the energy and it will be impacting you in some way. The very nature of energy indicates that every energy healing session will be different whether with the same or different practitioners. AND energy is NOT PREDICTABLE.

After your energy healing session you may experience:

  • a sense of calmness and/or relaxation
  • feeling grounded
  • feeling light and clear
  • increased energy
  • feeling tired or even like you have been hit by a truck
  • emotions arising or subsiding

It is important to increase your water intake for the 24-48 hours following your session and rest, take a nap or go to bed early if feeling tired.

Energy Healing Session with Guidance:

All of the above applies to your energy session with guidance with the addition of guidance from your spirit team.

Sharon will not usually communicate with you much during your session but will relay the guidance received at the post session brief. Photos are then taken of the notes recorded and forwarded via text or email.

Sharon will communicate with your guides and spirit team and you may ask for guidance on specific areas of concern. However, she has no control over what, if any, information or guidance is shared. She also has no control over which of your spirit team steps forward to provide the guidance. However, she will explain what typically happens based on her extensive experience with Energy Healing with guidance. Your Spirit Team will provide the information and guidance that you need to hear right now or what is relevant, not necessarily what you want to hear. However, they will usually provide a response to any questions that you may have asked. If you want specific areas of guidance, it is your responsibility to ask at the beginning of your session.

*NOTE* : As with all services provided by The Embassy of Life, and all subsidiaries, we have a strict NO REFUND policy.