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Here at the Embassy of Life, we understand that not one size fits all. So, we offer many products and services for a wholistic approach to the wellness of body-mind-spirit! Visit our Service Pillars page to find out more.


The application of muscle monitoring to identify imbalances in the body’s structural, chemical, emotional or other energy systems, to establish the body’s priority healing needs and to evaluate & correct energy changes.


The practical application of hypnosis towards specific goals. The process involves a focusing of the conscious processes to a point where an altered state of awareness is achieved to change habits & behaviours.


An energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch. It aids in healing by helping you become physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually, energetically balanced.


Discerning information (past, present, future) through heightened perceptive abilities; or natural extensions of basic human senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, intuition, psychic, mediumship & other divinatory tools.

Natural Therapies

Natural therapies encompass a broad range of disciplines, all of which aim to treat physical and emotional well being either alongside or instead of modern medicine's treatments and drugs.


Development approaches based on 1-to-1 conversations to enhance your skills, knowledge or work performance. Mentoring - being told what to do. Coaching - creating a space for you to come to your own conclusion.

What else do we offer?

Divine Alchemy

Divine Alchemy is the ancient tradition combining ritual, incantation, intent, the harnessing and directing of energy, thought and will along with ancient decrees to achieve a desired transformation of a situation or person from one state to another. Divine Alchemy Incantations can be created for you to activate yourself, or we can create and activate for you. Click this link to visit our DIVINE ALCHEMY Page.


Sharon is a relatable and engaging speaker and presenter who loves to play the role of host and MC. She has 20+ years experience that includes event/fundraiser management, hosting and MC’ing, presenting and speaking at events, training workshops and conferences, presenting on local radio stations and hosting and presenting corporate video content..



Coming soon! We are in the process of creating podcasts specifically for The Embassy of Life. We are also able to help you create your own podcast. In the meantime, feel free to browse through some of Sharon’s other podcasts, produced through Podcasting Hub Australia. Including but not limited to: Podcast QuickiesNFP TalksThe Bunker List .  Click this link to visit our PODCASTS Page.

The Embassy of Life

The Science of Body-Mind-Spirit Wellness
Founder – Sharon Sims  The Embassy of Life


Sharon is a Body-Mind-Spirit Alchemist, Healing Guide, Goddess of Empowerment, Wise Crone and Psychic-Medium-Mystic: Empowering you to find well-being, balance and clarity in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.

The Embassy of Life Service Pillars

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Body-Mind-Spirit Alchemy

Body-Mind-Spirit Alchemy Packages – new addition to The Embassy of  Life Wellness Studio Service List! Body-Mind-Spirit Alchemy Package CHOOSE 1 SERVICE FROM EACH CATEGORY OF BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT BODY-MIND-SPIRIT ALCHEMY Try our Body-Mind-Spirit Alchemy Read more…