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Creatively Divine and The Embassy of Life.

The Embassy of Life is an updated, upgraded, rebranded, revised, repurposed version of previous business entities, owned and operated by Sharon Lee Sims, from her 30+ years experience in the Health and Wellbeing industry.

Although The Embassy of Life was created in 2020, Sharon’s first business venture in the Health and Wellbeing industry began in 1988 with Creatively Divine. Along the way, other business entities were born and to this day, remain in operation.

However, in time, these entities will merge completely into The Embassy of Life and continue the combined mission to uplift, enlighten, empower and inspire.

Here at the Embassy of Life, we understand that not one size fits all. So, we offer many products and services for a wholistic approach to the wellness of body, mind and spirit!

Far from the usual “fluffy stuff” generally associated with this type of business, you will find Sharon Sims and The Embassy of Life, professional, educated, experienced, reliable and grounded in their approach to business, wellbeing and clients.

Some of the many and varied products and services offered by The Embassy of Life include (but are not limited to) : Hypnotherapy, Kinesiology, Coaching/Mentoring, NLP & EFT, Anger and Aggression Management, Natural Therapies, Stress Management, Meditation & Mindfulness, Training/Workshops/Classes, Essential Oils, Essences, Natural Products, Well-Being & Wellness Kits,  And much more!

The Embassy of Life Services

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